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                2nd Lieutenant 101st Airborne & Green Beret Captain 3rd SFG 

Standing 4'9" and weighing only 97 pounds Richard Flaherty is believed to be the smallest soldier to ever to serve in the U.S. military. 

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In June, 2016 the Giant Killer team (David Yuzuk, Writer and Director, Jeremy McDermott,

Videographer and Producer, and Neil Yuzuk, co-Writer and Associate Producer) went to Stamford, 

to interview Richard's family and friends. We did not know what to expect but everyone we met

and everywhere we went we were treated with great warmth and graciousness. Here are some of

the photos from that trip.

Richard's cousin, Donna Marlin, opened her home to us and shared the contents of Richard's footlocker as well as stories about her cousin.

Afterwards, it was off to Pelicci's Ristorante for more photos and interviews. It was here that Richard had his welcome home party. As turnabout is fair play, we were interviewed by Angela Carella, a reporter from the Stamford Advocate newspaper. Angela has been especially generous in her coverage of the story. Here she is below with David and Donna.


After lunch at Pelicci's, it was off to do more interviews overlooking Long Island sound.

We closed the day out at the home of Richard's long-time friend, Rick Farina. Rick shared childhood stories about his friend and Richard's photo from their high school yearbook . 

The following day,  Ernie Bourcier, the Director of Alumni Relations at Trinity Catholic High School - Richard's high school -  allowed us into the school where we videoed several interviews and made several new friends. 

  (left to right) Don Sylvester from a local VFW Post, Donna Marlin, Ernie Bourcier, David Yuzuk, and Ross Marlin








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16 - TGK - David Yuzuk - Ernie Bourcier
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